“Know, love, transform yourself “(Vol. I) has been published!

I announce with great joy that that Volume I of “Know, Love, Transform yourself – Theory, techniques and new developments in Psychosynthesis” (Psychosynthesis books) has been published!

Although the labour is not yet over (this time it is a twin birth), I am very satisfied ad grateful to all colleagues who responded enthusiastically to my appeal by writing an additional chapter for Volume I: Rozana Bažec (Slovenia), Ewa Bialek (Poland), Joan Evans (UK), Dorothy Firman (USA), Ann Gila – with John Firman (USA), Birgit Haus (Germany), Catherine Ann Lombard (USA), Tan Nguyen (France), Will Parfitt (UK), Bonney & Richard Schaub (USA), Michael Wolde (Sweden).

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