Over the course of many years

I have developed various types of offerings

Over the course of many years, I have developed various types of offerings

I designed training courses aimed at different audiences, and contexts: schools for professionals of the helping relationship (psychotherapists, counselors, coaches…), associations, companies, teachers, parents, people interested in their own well-being and personal growth.
There are different formats available: conferences, monographic lessons, courses of several meetings, intensive seminars.

From my experience I have learned that the group is an extraordinary container, an accelerator of processes that promotes the deepening of our humanity. As a group we experience positive feelings such as mutual trust and respect, solidarity, support and openness towards others. This sharing is an effective antidote to the sense of loneliness and gives us the precious discovery of having joys and sorrows in common with many other fellow travellers.


The seminars are held in Italian. It is possible to propose them to a non-Italophone audience, if simultaneous translation is organized.

  • Inner alchemy: managing and creatively transforming aggressive energy

  • Activate your will and achieve your goals

  • Self-esteem: a journey to discover your value
  • Self-esteem and children: how to support and encourage its development

  • Burnout: knowing, preventing and dealing with it

  • Introduction to psychosynthesis: know, master, and transform yourself
  • Become who you are: the secrets of inner transformation

  • Creative imagination, meditative techniques and visualization: a way to psycho-physical well-being

  • The art of relationship: cultivating human relationships

  • The seven core experiences of Psychosynthesis

  • The mandala of peace: the use of symbols to co-create peace
  • Past, present, future: eternity dances in time
  • Living with soul: inviting the qualities of the soul into our lives

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