Theory, techniques and new developments in Psychosynthesis

P. Guggisberg Nocelli, Psychosynthesis Books, 2022

“SYNTHESIS – Organic functioning of a multiple unity.”
Roberto Assagioli

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This two-volume anthology will be a valuable resource for anyone pursuing the wonderful human journey of becoming fully themselves. Its wide collection of theory, techniques and exercises will prove particularly useful to practitioners across a range of disciplines (psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, trainers, leaders, educators…).

Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli directly influenced the three major revolutions marking the field of contemporary psychology: among the very first Italian scholars to embrace Psychoanalysis, he prefigured the developments of the Humanistic-Existential approach and was one of the founders of Transpersonal Psychology.

Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis proposes a new image of the human being, supporting full human development in all its dimensions: bodily, affective, mental, relational, social and spiritual. Wonderfully integrated and already organised into an original and coherent system, Assagioli’s work anticipated by decades many key themes now widely recognised and scientifically investigated:

  • dissociative phenomena and subpersonalities;
  • processes of identification, disidentification and self-identification;
  • the will as a capacity for self-regulation and the importance of purpose, values and committed action in creating a meaningful life;
  • a focus on mental health, wellbeing, self-actualisation, and on the many active and creative techniques that can be implemented to promote them;
  • the principle of synthesis underpinning a complex systemic vision, and fostering inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural dialogue, ecological sensitivity, and a praxis committed to the harmonious organisation of separate elements into a dynamic whole;
  • the study of the superconscious, peak experiences, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and the different paths of Self-realisation;
  • the transpersonal Self, processes of self-transcendence, meditative technologies and spirituality.

A cutting-edge approach whose potential and extraordinary breadth of vision we are only starting to fully appreciate. A timely psychological framework and practice, much needed to guide and inspire us in this age of uncertainty and profound change.

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