The Way of Psychosynthesis


A complete guide to the origins, concepts, and the fundamental experiences, with a biography of Roberto Assagioli

P. Guggisberg Nocelli, Synthesis Insights, 2018

This book is an invitation to anyone who wants to gain a broad and comprehensive overview of the evolution of Psychosynthesis, from the first written works published by Roberto Assagioli in the early 1900s to the great contributions of his students and other contemporary Psychosynthesis practitioners.

Who was Roberto Assagioli and how did his life influence his work? What important contributions did he make to the birth and development of the major forces of psychology? What is Psychosynthesis? What is the Psychosynthesis view of human nature and self-realization? What constitutes the essential core of this approach?

In answering these fundamental questions, this book guides the reader through a fascinating journey to discover, step by step, the key concepts and experiencesof Psychosynthesis. The most complete guide published so far.

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