Who are we really? What do we really want?

The inner journey in search of answers

At the heart of Psychosynthesis there are two fundamental questions: “Who are we really? What do we really want?” (which doesn’t seem very different from asking “What do we really love? What’s moving us? What makes us alive and joyful?”).

Concretely, the journey we undertake in search of our answers has the ultimate aim of leading us to the fuller and deeper realization of our true identity, of the Self, that is, to broaden our understanding of the substantial interrelation of all things:

  • within ourselves (with all our different parts and aspects);
  • outside ourselves (in ever wider circles, with our family, friends, colleagues; with the groups to which we belong (professionally, politically, culturally, socially, spiritually…), and gradually with the whole of humanity, with all other living beings, nature, and the planet that is our home).

In my opinion, fostering this experience has never been more urgent and significant than in this particular historical period. The shift of attention from the “parts” to the “relations between the parts”, clarifies and expands our vision of the Common Good and our ability to act accordingly. Psychosynthesis leads us to action, action which is therefore an expression of this ever-deeper awareness of interbeing, we could say, action guided by Love. That’s why its time has come. That’s why Psychosynthesis is a precious gift, especially today.

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