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Meet the author of the 2-volume anthology, “Know, Love, Transform Yourself“, Petra Guggisberg Nocelli.

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We are delighted to present this event alongside our peers at the Psykosyntes Akademin in Sweden.

Format: Online via Zoom

About this event:

We invite you to an evening with Petra Guggisberg Nocelli, where she will start with a talk about her new book, which is the 2nd volume anthology ‘Know, Love, Transform Yourself’, sharing key insights.Petra is a psychotherapist and currently a trainer at The Istituto di Psicosintesi, which was founded by Roberto Assagioli in Rome in 1926. She has dedicated herself to writing about Psychosynthesis with joy and commitment for many years. Her work has been published in Italian, French and English. She has published a number of articles and two ground-breaking books in the field of Psychosynthesis (so far).Her first book, La via della Psicosintesi (The Way of Psychosynthesis), first published in 2018, offers a comprehensive overview of the evolution of Psychosynthesis. Her second series, Conosci Possiedi Trasforma te stesso (Know, Love, Transform Yourself – Vol. I & Vol. II) has recently been translated into English. It is a valuable resource for anyone pursuing the wonderful human journey of becoming fully themselves. One of the remarkable elements of this series, is that this resource brings together the voices of key players, practitioners, facilitators and theorists in psychosynthesis from across the globe. This inclusion offers psychosynthesis an opportunity for evolution, growth, inclusion, and insight.This event shares and builds on the success of volume 1 (released in 2021), Know, Love, Transform Yourself (Vol.1), and introduces two-volume of this anthology, which holds a rich foray of processes and techniques, with new and different ways of applying psychosynthesis in-depth. It includes original Assagioli techniques and exercises (some of which hadn’t yet been translated into English) and current thinkers in psychosynthesis, bridging theory with practice.We are delighted to have Petra joins us to discuss the project ahead of the release of Volume 2 and explore the process of psychosynthesis with a presentation, followed by guided meditation and space to exchange and ask questions.

What to expect:

  • 7:00pm – Introductions and short presentation.
  • 7:10pm – Petra will give a presentation of the book in Italian with English translation provided by Claudia Businaro.
  • 7:40pm – A guided visualisation/meditation.
  • 7:55pm – Break-out rooms (free sharing on presentation and exercise) 15 min.
  • 8:10pm – Q&A.
  • 8:30pm – End.

In preparation for the evening:

We invite you to read the full introduction to Volume 1 here: An Introduction to Know, Love, Transform Yourself (Vol.1)

 Know, Love, Transform Yourself - The Process of Psychosynthesis image

About the author:

Petra is a trainer at the Institute of Psychosynthesis founded by Roberto Assagioli (Florence) and works as a psychotherapist in a private practice in Lugano, Switzerland.Her first encounter with Psychosynthesis took place in the nineties during her university studies, marking the birth of a great passion. She has specialized in psychotherapy at the Italian School of Psychosynthetic Psychotherapy in Florence (SIPT) and at the School of Integrated Psychotherapy in Lugano.Petra holds workshops and seminars on different topics such as Self-esteem, Burnout Prevention, Creative Use of Aggressive Energy, Psychosynthesis, Interpersonal Relationships and Communication, Will and Self-development and Meditation and Imaginative Techniques etc.You can explore her work here: