Know, Love, Transform Yourself: the process of Psychosynthesis

Event organised by Psychosynthesis Trust in collaboration with Psykosyntes Akademin, translates Claudia Businaro

In this event I discuss the process of Psychosynthesis and my new publication entitled Know, Love, Transform Yourself (Volume I & II). This anthological collection includes a rich foray of processes and techniques, with new and different ways of applying Psychosynthesis in-depth. It also presents original Assagioli techniques and exercises (some of which hadn’t yet been translated into English) and current thinkers in Psychosynthesis, bridging theory with practice.

Watch the video (YouTube)
See slides (pdf)


  • 0.00: Introduction
  • 2.00: The book’s target audience
  • 3.40: Transversality of contents
  • 6.28: Roberto Assagioli, a courageous pioneer
  • 9.26: Vision and vocation of Psychosynthesis
  • 12.45: The process of Psychosynthesis
  • 14.30: The Divine Comedy and other metaphors
  • 18.40: Know, master, transform yourself
  • 21.08: Stages and aspects
  • 34.28: The dialogue between Psychosynthesis and the different forces of psychology
  • 36.00: The Italian edition and the English edition
  • 41.35: Conclusions
  • 44.54: Earth meditation (in English)

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