Roberto Assagioli & Psychosynthesis: a psychology whose time as come

Keynote plenary speech at the Second International Psychosynthesis Coaching Symposium, organized by Psychosynthesis Coaching, London

We are living in an era of transition, characterized by the profound changes that the unstoppable process of globalization brings with it (see also: Psychosynthesis: a precious gift in this era of transition). Psychology (and with it the other scientific disciplines) has the ethical task of confronting and questioning itself deeply on this state of affairs, in order to offer visions and articulated, meditated and effective answers. It is no longer just a question of the good and health of individuals, but of the good and health of the entire human group, and of all the living beings who inhabit this planet.

It is here that Psychosynthesis reveals today, perhaps even more than in the past, its extreme topicality, its solid foundation, its being a precious gift. Why? How can we define Psychosynthesis? Can we really define it? Who was Roberto Assagioli and how did his life influence his work? What is the core of this approach?

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Contents of the video:

0.00 – Introduction
1.20 – Why is Psychosynthesis so topical today? The principle of organization, integration and synthesis
3.50 – Who was Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis?
16.40 – Can we define Psychosynthesis? “Indicate” vs. “define”
18.20 – Interdisciplinarity
19.40 – Interculturality and internationality
20.55 – The vision of the human being: the importance of interrelation
22.20 – The central and original core of Psychosynthesis: the diagrams and the seven fundamental experiences
26.40 – Conclusions: two important questions and the principle of interconnection

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