The pandemic: an opportunity to cultivate a bold vision

Reflections with exercise

It seems to be a frequent response when faced with calamities, that we solemnly promise to change things, to build a different, a better world, one with more humane and just values. Yet we soon return just as easily to our usual habits, inertia and indulgence. Why?

Will we be able to access the inner freedom to choose, from the various possible responses to this planetary crisis, those which are the most courageous and creative ones? Will we be able to distill from this painful experience the precious gift that it could offer us?

Will we be able to draw from it a positive, bold and courageous vision? A vision that we will continue to cultivate in a free and conscious way even when the shadow of the pandemic has loosened its grip?

This is the urgent challenge that awaits us, for our answers to these questions will determine the outcome of the pandemic and, above all, the quality of life on the entire planet, not just our own survival but also that of many other animal and plant species.

And you – do you have a vision?

At the bottom of the article you will find a meditation exercise to deepen your reflection entitled THE NET OF LIFE.

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